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Reviews of books in a series, with a focus on urban fantasy.
Other genres include mystery, paranormal romance, and crime thrillers.

Review Policy

If you'd like me to review a book that is on my Anxiously Awaiting list then I will read it as soon as possible. Most likely within a day or two of receiving it, unless I happen to be sick at the time.

For other books, it's probably best to check with me first, to make sure it's something I'd be interesting in reading. My interests lean heavily towards the Urban Fantasy genre, but there are other genres I enjoy as well.

Ebooks and old fashioned kill-the-trees books are equally fine with me. I have a tablet netbook that I use to read ebooks, which means I can read any form of ebook. I also have a Droid phone, and the easiest way to read ebooks with it is the .mobi format.  If I have a choice then my first choice is .mobi and my second choice is .pdf, though I can read all formats so if those two aren't available then feel free to send it in another format.

You may email ebooks to me at chained lightning at g mail dot com... or you can send an email to me and ask for my mailing address if you'd like to send a paper book. If you'd like for my review to go live on a certain date then please make sure you let me know this, as well.

I will honestly review books sent to me for review. I do try to say something nice about every book I read, even the ones I don't like. But I'll still be honest about my views, and about the rating I give.