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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finger Lickin' Fifteen (Stephanie Plum series) by Janet Evanovich

On the one hand, Finger Lickin' Fifteen is like visiting old friends. I enjoyed reading it while I was reading it. It wasn't as funny as some (maybe most) of the other books in the series, but there were a few LOL moments. And it was kind of nice to check in with Stephanie and the gang again.

On the other hand, nothing's changed. When the book ended, I was disappointed. I had hopes for change and growth in this book, but sadly, there was none.

The plot was half way decent, a few cars get destroyed, we hear more about Lula's life as a ho, and there are a number of slapstick things designed to get laughs that didn't (a few that did, but more that didn't). Like I said, while reading it I enjoyed a good part of the book, but as it ended I was just disappointed. No one is growing up. Ranger, Stephanie, Morelli, Lula... the whole cast of characters is caught in a time warp where nothing changes.

I'm giving Finger Lickin' Fifteen a 7 of 10, and I'm moving the Stephanie Plum series down to a 7 of 10. Which is a shame, because once upon a time I rated the series a nine of ten.

Book Rating: 7 of 10
Series Rating: 7 of 10

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