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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whisper Of Sin by Nalini Sin in the Burning Up Anthology


We've met Ria many times - she's Lucas' assistant and keeps his office running smoothly. We've known she is mated to one of the leopards, and we finally get her story. We also get to see a younger Lucas, and a younger Dorian. This is the Dorian we've heard about, the Dorian that existed when his sister was still alive.

As for the writing elements: the plot was a good one, explaining some history that so far we've only heard about here and there, pacing was good, prose and dialogue were very well done, and as always with anything Nalini Singh writes, character building was exceptional.

Story Rating: Whisper of Sin: 9 of 10
Series Rating: Psy-Changelings: 10 of 10

I may read the rest of the stories in the Burning Up anthology at some point, but really, I was only interested in the Nalini Singh story.


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