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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kiss of Snow (Psy-Changelings book 10) by Nalini Singh

Kiss of Snow

Some of us have waited a long, long time for Kiss of Snow. We've watched Hawke take care of everyone else, be surrounded by a loving and loyal pack, and yet in some ways, be so very alone.

But that's not the only reason we've anticipated this book - the PsyNet has issues, Silence is no longer a sure thing for the future, the Council is splintering, and we've known that war was a real possibility in the near future.

And Nalini Singh is a master at writing with such a rich tapestry that you are totally immersed in the world she creates. Her words create imagery and bring a person's own memories into play in a way that no other author quite manages to do.

Before I start talking about the nuts and bolts, here is the blurb:

Since the moment of her defection from the PsyNet and into the SnowDancer wolf pack, Sienna Lauren has had one weakness. Hawke. Alpha and dangerous, he compels her to madness.

Hawke is used to walking alone, having lost the woman who would've been his mate long ago. But Sienna fascinates the primal heart of him, even as he tells himself she is far too young to handle the wild fury of the wolf.

Then Sienna changes the rules-and suddenly, there is no more distance, only the most intimate of battles between two people who were never meant to meet. Yet as they strip away each other's secrets in a storm of raw emotion, they must also ready themselves for a far more vicious fight...

A deadly enemy is out to destroy SnowDancer, striking at everything they hold dear, but it is Sienna's darkest secret that may yet savage the pack that is her home-and the alpha who is its heartbeat.

We learn new things in this book, or perhaps we've learned them before and I never noticed. Hawke's mother wasn't a wolf, and she wasn't human. I don't believe we've met anyone yet of her species, but I look forward to that in the future. We also learn more about Hawke's parents and the way they died. And we learn everything there is to know about what it means to be an X-Psy.

There is a side story of Walker and Lara, which annoyed me a few times as the story moved back and forth, but in the end I'm okay with getting two HEA's in one book, as everything tied together just fine in the end.

As most of the senior members of both packs become mated we are learning more and more about the just turned adult members of the pack who are dating, and I look forward to learning more about them. I also look forward to possibly meeting more of the Arrows - they intrigue me in a really scary sort of way.

As plot threads get tied up, more appear and begin flapping around in the breeze. Unfortunately, we know nothing about book eleven, other than it is untitled and will be published in 2012.

As for the writing elements:
  • The plot is predictable in places and total unpredictable in others. I had an idea of how Ms. Singh was going to make everything work out in the end, and I figured the puzzle out before the characters in the book... but that's okay. Her solution was beautiful, and the significance, the implications of what it means, is huge. Also, the set up we have for future books, the direction it appears the war will go, gives hope and fear. But more hope than fear, which is good.
  • Pacing was perfect.
  • Prose and dialogue are a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10. Seriously, no one else draws pictures and emotions and feelings with words quite like Nalini Singh.
  • Character development is an 18 on a scale of 1 to 10. To say it is well done and thorough and three dimensional is a vast understatement.
  • World building is detailed and interesting and it just flat out works.
It is easy to give Kiss of Snow a 10 of 10. The series was already at a 10 of 10 so obviously it will stay there.
  • Book Rating: Kiss of Snow: 10 of 10
  • Series Rating: 10 of 10

Here are the books in the series:

Kiss of Snow

  1. Slave to Sensation
  2. Visions of Heat
  3. Caressed By Ice
  4. Mine to Possess
  5. Hostage to Pleasure
  6. Branded by Fire
  7. Blaze of Memory
  8. Bonds of Justice
  9. Play of Passion
  10. Kiss of Snow
  11. Unnamed (2012)

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