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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kiss of a Demon King (Immortals After Dark, Book 6) by Kresley Cole

Last week I made a statement that I didn't think I needed to reread any of the Immortals After Dark series before I read Kiss of a Demon King. Let me go on record as saying I was wrong. I should have gone back and read the fifth book, Dark Desires After Dusk before reading number six. Kiss of a Demon King takes place during the same time period of the last book. In the last book we followed Cadeon, in this book we follow his brother Rydstrom. This means we have a general idea of a few things that happen, but we aren't sure exactly where in the timeline things are as they go along.

Over all it was a good book, but there were some slow parts here and there. I still liked it overall, but I put it down a few times to do something else, I didn't read it straight through.  Also, as with the series so far, there is some cheesy romance stuff. If you're the type who likes romances it's probably just fine. As I've said before, I don't mind some romance in the midst of an adventure but the sugary sweet romance stuff just makes me roll my eyes. In this series each book is technically a romance, but the series plot leading up to the Accession is a good plot and I'm enjoying it. I'm also enjoying the world building, the details of each species, and of The Lore in general.

The plot in Kiss of a Demon King was pretty predictable, we know that all of these books have a HEA, and we knew some pretty important plot points we picked up from the previous book. But the action was good, the conversations flowed, and I mostly liked the characters. Or at least understood them even if I didn't really always like them. We also have a few more characters brought in that I'm sure will pop up in future stories - Rok and Lothaire the vampire being two of many. Let's not forget there are several witches and Valkyrie still single, too. I can't want to see Nix's story, that might be as good as Acheron's once we finally get around to it. She's kind of the all-knowing bad-ass of the series, after all. There are also some kids of interest being brought in, not sure where the author is going with that - we've got Cade and Holly's babies, plus Puck, plus the eventual child of Rydstrom and Sabine who is supposed to somehow do something to the well of power. (Select the spoiler text to view it.)

I'm giving the book an 8 of 10, and keeping the series at an 8 of 10.

Book Rating: 8 of 10
Series Rating: 8 of 10

There will apparently be a short story in the anthology Not That Innocent. Other than that, I don't see anything on the author's site that gives details about the next book in the series. I look forward to the next book and will keep an eye on things to see when we might expect it.

1. A Hunger Like No Other
2. No Rest for the Wicked
3. Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night
4. Dark Needs at Night's Edge
5. Dark Desires After Dusk
6. Kiss of a Demon King

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