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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blood Lines (Blood Series Book 3) by Tanya Huff

Blood Lines, the third book in the Blood series, did have an episode of Blood Ties (the TV show) based directly off of it, though the episode was not exactly the same. There were enough differences in how the plot was resolved to make it interesting, though the basic plot was mostly the same. If you saw the TV show with the Egyptian mummy, where Henry dreamed and thought it might mean he was about to end his life, this book follows that plot.

I'm once again seeing the major difference in the books vs the show being how the relationships, the love triangle, is handled in the books vs how it was handled in the TV series. I am enjoying that part of the books better than the TV series. Oddly enough, in contrast I think the TV series made me understand Henry better than the books are, though. That's kind of odd, normally books do better at building and developing characters than a show does.

I did not enjoy Blood Lines as much as I enjoyed the earlier books in the series. It took me longer to get through it because I kept putting it down to do something else. The plot was okay, I think maybe the pacing was off, or something. Perhaps it was that it kept jumping back and forth from person to person. For whatever reason, it just didn't work as well for me. I'm going to give Blood Lines a 6 of 10, but I will keep the series at an 8 of 10 for now.

Book Rating: 6 of 10
Series Rating: 8 of 10

I am going to stop reading the series for a bit, as there are some new releases I want to read, so I will have to return to this series for the final three books at a later date.


The Blood Series
1. Blood Price
2. Blood Trail
3. Blood Lines
4. Blood Pact
5. Blood Debt
6. Blood Bank

Lifetime still has the episodes up, if you want to watch the TV series, go here. Or, you can follow the links above to buy the DVD's. It is kind of a pain to watch online with the commercials, and having to click between the online "chapters", but it's free.

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