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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A huge Bullet teaser


Laurell K Hamilton has given us a huge teaser for Bullet, the next Anita Blake book. One of the biggest loose threads in the series has been Haven, the werelion. I thought he was going to be a huge deal, but then he just kind of got set to the side and ignored. Apparently that situation is finally going to get resolved. It's about time. I liked Cookie, but I think Anita was probably right to see him as the bad boy he is and give him a wide berth. Still, it's been a while, and one might not be able to blame him for taking offense at that. If indeed he has taken offense at it.

We're told this is going to be a Jean-Claude intensive book and that those who have missed him are going to be happy campers. We're also told that things are finally going to be worked out with Asher, and there will be "no more avoiding the subject". I have all kinds of ideas about what that means, and they mostly go straight to sex.

Claudia the wererat gets a couple of interesting mentions, and we're told we'll spend some time with the all of bodyguards. There will also be a new leopard who is ex-military, it will be cool to have another leopard who can guard. We're also told there will be more werehyenas and weretigers joining the cast... wow, there is going to be a lot going on.

And this is a huge surprise for me... there are going to be a lot more women introduced. Jason's girlfriend, some female weretigers, and at least one female werelion. Anita is going to have female friends who aren't jealous of her. It's about time. And it's going to put an interesting twist on things.

And then there is a discussion about Richard. From the hints she's giving, it sounds like Richard may finally be ready to get his shit together. We can only hope. I've been hoping for years now that he'd either grow up or go away. We're told he's going to be "on stage in a major way" as well. With Jean-Claude also on stage in a big way, and with the stuff with Asher being worked out... that could get interesting. Both in bed and out of it, I'm guessing.

We're also given a teaser about Edward and Olaf. How can she possibly put those two in as well? How long is this book going to be?Amazon says the hardcover will be 368 pages. That's a lot of stuff packed in. Not that I'm complaining. Not at all.

How much longer until June 1. Another week?  I wonder what the odds are of my getting an ARC of  Bullet.

Here is the blurb, a link to download the first chapter pdf, the discussion, and a podcast with the author reading an excerpt from the book.

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