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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blood Debt (Blood Series Book 5) by Tanya Huff

Blood Debt, the fifth book in the Blood series, did not have an episode of Blood Ties (the TV show) based directly off of it.

This series seems improve with each book. Too bad there is only one more book after this one.

On the one hand, I was disappointed that so much time was skipped between book four and book five. There was a year that should have been very interesting, and that was just skipped right over, with a few memories here and there of what made the papers to give us teasers of what happened. I want the details of that skipped year.

On the other hand, the events in this book are well done. It was an enjoyable read. The pacing issues are much better in Blood Debt than they were in earlier books. I found myself skimming to get to an interesting part a few times, but it wasn't as bad as previous books.

In Blood Debt, Henry and Tony have moved to Vancouver and Henry is being haunted by a ghost who wants Henry to solve the ghost's murder and get revenge. Henry calls Vicki, and she and Mike travel from Toronto to Vancouver to solve Henry's problem.

A lot gets worked out in this book. Tony has issues. Henry has issues. Vicki has issues. I think Mike may be the only one without issues, though he does have a bit of a smart mouth that could be dangerous around a testy vampire. Good comic relief for us, though.

Book Rating: 8 of 10
Series Rating: 8 of 10


The Blood Series
1. Blood Price
2. Blood Trail
3. Blood Lines
4. Blood Pact
5. Blood Debt
6. Blood Bank

Lifetime still has the episodes up, if you want to watch the TV series, go here. Or, you can follow the links above to buy the DVD's. It is kind of a pain to watch online with the commercials, and having to click between the online "chapters", but it's free.

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