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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Soul Mates series by Jourdan Lane

Fair warning: This is erotica, M/M, and there are some elements of D/s involved. It is not a BDSM story, and the two main characters do not end up in a Master/slave relationship, they turn into equals. But there are elements of D/s throughout the series.

It is first a story of Vampires and the beings that surround them. In this case, those beings include shapeshifters and humans.. and later in the series there are even Demons and Angels.

I started this series a long time ago, but just got around to reading the most recent book, Secrets.

In the first book, Bound by Blood, we have a vampire (Lucien) who is taken with a human (Peter). A human who has a thing against vampires. And this isn't just any vampire, it's the Master Vampire of the city. Of course. Lucien works hard to seduce Peter, and to gain his trust. The first half of the book we think the plot is the seduction, but then we are given an actual action plot, with intrigue and danger and fighting. The world building is really well done, the sex is hot, the plot is intriguing, the main characters have a depth of character you don't often see in erotica, and the secondary characters begin to be fleshed out pretty good as well.

Deceptions, the second book in the Soul Mates series, picks up about a year after the end of Bound by Blood. Peter and Lucian are still together, running things together. The multiple plots in this book weave in and out of the book. This book has a lot going on, some of it that won't fully be understood until future books. Where you have fierce loyalty, the possiblity of deception is always there. And the deceptions in this book hurt. When you are close enough to all of the characters to feel the pain yourself, it a good book.

Sacrifice picks up very soon after the end of Deceptions, with the cast of characters dealing with the deceptions that took place in the previous book. A few of the ongoing plots get resolved with new ongoing plots taking their place. The characters continue to be well defined and three dimensional. The dialogue flows, the action is believable, the worldbuilding very well done, and the sex is still hot. These books are truly urban fantasy at this point, with lots of the moral stuff that comes up when you start looking at vampire and werewolf society vs human society. With power comes responsibility, and vampires and werewolves have a lot of power. Also, with their extra "magical" abilities, life is just different.

Secrets seems to pick up a few months after Sacrifice ends. We do learn some secrets, and we see relationships evolve and change. The ending of Secrets ties some things up, but not enough for me. And apparently the next book, Ascension, isn't that far along just yet.

Bound by Blood: 8 of 10
Deceptions: 10 of 10
Sacrifice: 10 of 10
Secrets: 8 of 10

Series Rating: 9 of 10

1. Soul Mates: Bound By Blood
2. Soul Mates: Deceptions
3. Soul Mates: Sacrifice
4. Soul Mates: Secrets

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