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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, Book 11) by Jim Butcher

Turn Coat
was actually released back in April, and I wanted to read it back in April. But I didn't want to read it bad enough for a hardback price. So, I've waited until a used version was available at a price I was willing to pay.

I have a few series that I follow that have now been relegated to this status. I do want to support the authors, and I'd be willing to support them at paperback prices, but not at hardback prices. I'm not sure what the solution is - perhaps the publishers should look at publishing the paperback six months later instead of a year later? But that is the subject for a different post, I think.

Harry Dresden is a wizard. He lives in Chicago and he advertises in the yellow pages. This is another series that takes place in a hypothetical real world where humans don't know supernatural beings exist. The Dresden Files series eventually pulls in pretty much every supernatural critter out there: wizards, vampires, incubi/succubi, trolls, fairies, werewolves, ghosts, demons, skinwalkers... and many more I'm sure that I'm missing.

Turn Coat could probably be read as a stand alone, but I would not recommend it. You really need to read this series in order, I think.

Here's the blurb:
The Warden Morgan has been accused of treason against the Wizards of the White Council--and there's only one, final punishment for that crime. He's on the run, wants his name cleared, and needs someone with a knack for backing the underdog. Someone like Harry Dresden.

Now, Harry must uncover a traitor within the Council, keep a less-than-agreeable Morgan under wraps, and avoid coming under scrutiny himself. And a single mistake may cost someone his head--someone like Harry.

There is a lot going on in this book. Not only the mess with Morgan, but some stuff with Anastasia, with Harry's young apprentice, with Thomas (and Lara some, too), and of course more with whatever faction that has been causing so many problems within the Supernatural political world. Things are eventually going to come to a head, and I'm curious to see where the author takes things.

Turn Coat was good enough that I feel guilty for having bought it used. I've given the Dresden Files a 7 of 10 in the past, and Turn Coat was almost good enough for me to raise the series to an 8 of 10. Almost, but not quite. I lowered it to a 7 originally because the books were starting to just be more of the same. This book had enough different that it was not just more of the same. I'll wait for the next book, Changes, before I trust that this might continue.

Book Rating: 9 of 10
Series Rating: 7 of 10

The Sci-Fi channel did one season. They went away from the books in several different ways, but it was still a decent series. This is a DVD of the entire first (and only) season.

1 Storm Front (2000)
2 Fool Moon (2001)
3 Grave Peril (2001)
4 Summer Knight (2002)
5 Death Masks (2003)
6 Blood Rites (2004)
7 Dead Beat (2005)
8 Proven Guilty (2006)
9 White Night (2007)
10 Small Favor (April 2008)
11 Turn Coat (April 2009)
12 Changes (April 2010)

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