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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Masters of the Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair

Most of the time I get bored by the "brand new to BDSM" books that are designed to teach people about why someone might like this sort of thing.

Masters of the Shadowlands was a pleasant surprise. While it is a "teaching" book, the D/s in it was hot. The BDSM is mostly lightweight: there is bondage, and there is D/s, but almost no SM, and while there is some discipline, most of it is more about control than it is about pain.

There are two stories in this book - the first involves a young woman with a broken down car who walks to a house in the rain to ask for help. The house happens to be a private BDSM club, and the owner (an experienced Dom, of course) gives her the option of waiting in the foyer or coming in and exploring. She explores.

In the second story a woman goes to a beginner BDSM class with her boyfriend, but he thinks that being Dom means he has to be harsh and rude, and she breaks it off with him once they arrive and he starts being a jerk. As she's about to leave, one of the monitors (who also happens to be an experienced Dom) offers to be her tutor/partner if she wants to stay for the class.

Both Doms are gentle when needed and tough when needed. They are both responsible with their control, and both of them work to not push too far too fast.

I think this book will work for those who like BDSM Lite, as well as those who like things a bit rougher - not because the SM is rough (it isn't), but because the D/s is so well done.

Book Rating: Master of the Shadowlands: 9 of 10

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