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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Young Brothers Series by Kathy Love

I'm going to review all four books in this series in on long(ish) post. These four books are each a HEA story. Reading the review of a book later than the one you are currently reading will give spoilers - there is no way around that. Actually, just reading the titles of all of the books will give spoilers.

We first meet the Young Brothers in Fangs for the Memories. The character building isn't really all that well done in this first story, and the world building is pretty sad as well. The plot didn't seem to be that well done at first, but as the book progressed the plot got better. The pacing had some issues, also.

The basis here is that a vampire has been beating himself up for more than a century, not allowing himself to be happy because of things that happened so long ago. When he finds someone he can be happy with, his subconscious creates a state of amnesia, so he won't remember that he isn't supposed to be happy.

Book Rating: Fangs for the Memories: 6 of 10

Fangs but no Fangs takes us out of the big city and into rural West Virginia. The character building was much better in this book, and the plot was pretty good from the start. Pacing had some issues, but was mostly okay.

Once again, we have a vampire who is beating himself up, and doing a darn good job of it, too. But this story is better done than the previous one, and there is actually some depth of character as we watch him dig himself back to reality. It was basically just a sweet love story, even if there are vampires involved.

Book Rating: Fangs but no Fangs: 8 of 10

In the third book, I Only Have Fangs For You, we see the third brother get his soul mate. Once again, the plot was pretty good, but there were other issues that detracted from the book: poor character building and pacing issues being the biggest - but the fact that I saw the ending coming a looonnnngggg way before I got to the end was a bit frustrating. The world building is done at the most basic level in all of these books, but I think that's okay in the first three books.

Book Rating: I Only Have Fangs For You: 7 of 10

I have to believe that the fourth book, My Sister is a Werewolf, was not planned until somewhere in the midst of the third book. It was too easy of a way to add just one more book to the series. The plot was actually not that bad, but the pacing was horrible, and the worldbuilding fell apart for me with this one. We were given the most basic of explanations of how the brothers thought she was dead but she wasn't, and to be honest it stretched things just a bit too much for me.

The book was too angsty for me, and there was too much rehashing of what just happened. It felt like a political thing where the politician says stuff and then the commentators tell us what the politician just said... except it's one of the characters going back over what just happened and giving us a recap of how it made them feel. It was pretty obvious how they felt when it happened, the recaps were a bit much.

Book Rating: My Sister is a Werewolf: 5 of 10

Series Rating: Young Brothers Series: 6 of 10

Young Brothers Series by Kathy Love
1. Fangs for the Memories
2. Fangs but no Fangs
3. I Only Have Fangs For You
4. My Sister is a Werewolf

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