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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Book Blogger Appreciation Week

For this year's Book Blogger Appreciation week, bloggers are being asked to point to five posts they feel are representative of their site. Here are four reviews:

  1. Review: Skinwalker (Jane Yellowrock, Book 1) by Faith Hunter
  2. Review: Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12) by Jim Butcher
  3. Review: Tempest Rising (Jane True, bk 1) by Nicole Peeler
  4. Review: Roadkill (Cal Leandros, Book 5) by Rob Thurman
For the fifth post I tried to decide between my most recent Anxiously Awaiting, Excerpts, or Series Ratings at a Glance post. The Anxiously Awaiting list is important so I can keep track of the series I enjoy, but the Excerpts post and the Series Ratings at a Glance pages seem to have the most people directly linking to them to periodically check (or that's the way my stats look, anyway). I have the most fun putting together my Excerpts post, so in the end I think I'll make it my fifth post.

I hope this gives an accurate representation of what I try to do here - honestly review the books I've read,  keep people up to date on what is coming out, give an easy way to find the excerpts to those books, and help people figure out what else they might like. If they've liked or disliked the same books I have, then hopefully either my at-a-glance page, or the use of the labels (linking to 10 of 10, 9 of 10, etc) helps them quickly get an idea of other series they may enjoy reading.


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the great list. Some I've read, some I look forward to!