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Monday, November 7, 2011

Fantasy in Death (In Death, Book 30) by JD Robb


Fantasy in Death takes advantage of the fact that this book takes place in the future. It's an ingenious plot that is partially destroyed by telling us up front how the murder is being done. Not who, but how. I would have rather had that explained later, as I found myself annoyed with the fact that I knew things Eve didn't know.

I appreciated watching Eve struggle with the e-stuff, trying to solve the case when other people were having to do most of the investigating. Still, she handled the personal level, and that was just as important as figuring out the other elements. Also, kind of like the Sheriff in Eureka, Eve manages to stumble onto the e-answer possibly because she isn't immersed in the e-aspects, and because she isn't a geek.

We get to see Peabody and McNab go undercover, and that was nice to see. There is depth to McNab that doesn't always show up, he's good at hiding it, most of the time.

Eve and Roarke are fully into their "happily ever after" now, and it's nice to see them working towards keeping it that way. There were some nice moments here where Eve got to take care of Roarke.

Here's the blurb:

Bart Minnock, founder of the computer-gaming giant U-Play, enters his private playroom, and eagerly can’t wait to lose himself in an imaginary world—to play the role of a sword-wielding warrior king—in his company’s latest top-secret project, Fantastical.

As for the writing elements:
  • The plot was brilliant.
  • Pacing once again had some issues.
  • Prose and dialogue were excellent.
  • Character development was touching.
  • World-building was further solidified, and was consistent with previous books.
I've got back and forth on a rating for this one. On the one hand, I was frustrated that we were told the "how" at the beginning of the book, even though Eve didn't know how it was done. On the other hand, the sci-fi aspects, and the continued development of various relationships was a big part of  making Fantasy in Death a good read.
    • Book Rating: Fantasy in Death: 9 of 10
    • Series Rating: 10 of 10

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