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Friday, July 30, 2010

Shadow Chase (Shadowchasers Book 2) by Seressia Glass

I rated Shadow Blade, the first book in the Shadowchasers series, a 10 of 10. I had a little bit of concern about book two, Shadow Chase, measuring up. Turns out, book two is just as good as book one. The clever use of mythologies and pantheons, the knowledge of Ancient Egypt, the travel, the action, the emotions. Shadow Chase is a very entertaining book.

Here is the blurb for Shadow Chase:

As a Shadowchaser, Kira Solomon has been trained to serve the Light, dispatch the Fallen, and prevent the spread of chaos. It’s a deadly job, and Kira knows the horror of spilling innocent blood. But now she has a new role, as the Hand of Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Order, and an assignment that might just redeem her.

A fellow Shadowchaser has gone missing, and so has a unique artifact imbued with astonishing magic. Unless the Vessel of Nun is returned, it will cause destruction beyond anything the modern world has seen. Kira’s got a team at her back, including Khefar, a near-immortal Nubian warrior who’s already died for her once. But as complicated as her feelings for him are, they’re nothing compared to the difficulties of the task she faces. And the only way to defeat the enemy is to trust in a power she can barely control, and put her life—and her soul—on the line.

We learn a lot more about Kira's history, a good bit more about Balm, and a little more about the construct of the world that Kira inhabits. 

I appreciate that Kira is still growing and learning and figuring things out. And I like that she's learning to trust more people. Kira learns a good bit about her history during the course of Shadow Chase, but there is still an important piece of information missing, and I have a feeling that will be pretty important in future books.

As for the story elements:  plot is once again exceptional, and there are mutliple plots going on, the longer term series arcs as well as the plots that get nicely tied up within this one book. The pacing had some issues, which is really too bad with as much action as there is in Shadow Chase. The prose and dialogue were well done, and character development is very well done. The world building in this series is incredible.

I'm going to give Shadow Chase a 9 of 10, knocking off a point for pacing. The series will get a 10 of 10, though, as this is a kick-ass series.

Book Rating: Shadow Chase: 9 of 10
Series Rating: Shadowchasers: 10 of 10

 Unfortunately, I do not see where the author has announced the name of the third book. I truly hope there will be a third book.

1. Shadow Blade
2. Shadow Chase

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