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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Glory in Death (In Death, Book 2) by JD Robb


Glory in Death continues a few months after the events of the first book in this series, Naked in Death.

I enjoyed the second book a little more than the first book, in part because my brain was working pretty much the same as Eve's brain this time as she followed the trail to solve the mystery.

I also enjoyed the progression of her personal relationships, as well as the symbolism that turned up a few times in what the people she was interrogating had to say versus what she was going through personally at the time.

Here's the blurb:

Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas has no problem finding connections between two violent crimes. Both victims were beautiful and highly successful women whose intimate relations with men of great power and wealth provided Eve with a long list of suspects—including her own lover, Roarke. 

As for the writing elements:
  • The plot was perfect, for a variety of reasons.
  • Pacing was very well done.
  • Prose and dialogue were fine.
  • Character development continues to build and grow and I'm enjoying it.
  • World-building was consistent with that of the first book.
Glory in Death will a a 9 of 10 for me, and I'm going to hold off on a series rating at this point. I will be reading the third book in this series, Immortal in Death.

  • Book Rating: Glory in Death: 9 of 10
The books in this series are:
  1. Naked in Death
  2. Glory in Death
  3. Immortal in Death
  4. Rapture in Death
  5. Ceremony in Death
  6. Vengeance in Death
  7. Holiday in Death
  8. Conspiracy in Death
  9. Loyalty in Death
  10. Witness in Death
  11. Judgment in Death
  12. Betrayal in Death
  13. Seduction in Death
  14. Reunion in Death
  15. Purity in Death
  16. Portrait in Death
  17. Imitation in Death
  18. Divided in Death
  19. Visions in Death
  20. Survivor in Death
  21. Origin in Death
  22. Memory in Death
  23. Born in Death
  24. Innocent in Death
  25. Creation in Death
  26. Strangers in Death
  27. Salvation in Death
  28. Promises in Death
  29. Kindred in Death
  30. Fantasy in Death
  31. Indulgence in Death
  32. Treachery in Death
  33. New York to Dallas 

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