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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye (Psychic Eye Mysteries, Book 1) by Victoria Laurie

I picked up the first book in this series to give it a test drive. Within an hour of finishing it I had the next five books ordered and on the way.

This book is kind of a cross between Stephanie Plum and the Charmed & Dangerous / Bronwyn the Witch series.

It's got a good plot and a cast of characters that is likable. It's funny in places, lighthearted at times and serious at other times.

Abby is single and works as a professional psychic. The real deal, not a poser. She does fairly well for herself, she owns her own home but has a handyman pretty much permanently installed since it was a fixer upper when she bought it. When her best friend moves out of town she joins a dating service. And then things get interesting.

Blind dates, murder, crazy psycho killers, a sexy detective... what else do you need?

I can't rate the series yet since I've only read the first book, but I have hopes that it will be a good series. I can see several directions the author can go from here, all of them good. The rest of the books in the series will arrive next week and I'll let you know once I've read them.

Book Rating 8 of 10

Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye
Better Read Than Dead
A Vision of Murder
Killer Insight
Crime Seen
Death Perception

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