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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rachel Morgan, The Hollows Series, by Kim Harrison

In this reality there was a problem with genetically modified tomatoes. This problem killed off large numbers of humans but didn't affect most of the supernatural community. The supernaturals realized that they now outnumbered the humans, and they decided to come out of the closet. This is called The Turn. The series picks up several decades after The Turn.

Despite the supernaturals in the story, this series is about friendship. And about choices. The choices we make kind of define us. Don't they?

It's also about the grey areas between black and white.

And it is about looking at what made the bad guys make the choices they made (and continue to make). It humanizes the bad guy. The author introduces you to the villain and makes you hate him, and then shows you what made him the way he is and what his motivations are. He's still a villain, but it makes it harder to hate him when you can sympathize with him. (Hard to imagine? We hated Darth Vader until we met Anakin Skywalker, right?)

I enjoy so many of the characters in these books. I like the drama Ivy brings, the humor Jenks brings, and the intensity Trent brings.

I was shocked at the ending to The Outlaw Demon Wails, but I can't wait to read the next book, White Witch, Black Curse (due February 2009).

As the titles of the books suggest, two of the supernatural races that are in these books are witches and demons. There are also vampires (two kinds, one kind has a soul and the other does not), pixies, elves, fairies, leprechauns, banshees, gargoyles, trolls, and werewolves. The series takes a very hard look at what constitutes "good" vs "bad". It uses the extra abilities of the supernatural races to look at this, but it also uses the various personalities of the people as well. Some of the decisions made are decisions a human could make, so it isn't all about being a supernatural.

If you want it to be, this is probably one of the deeper series in this genre. Lot's of thought provoking stuff. But the first couple of books can also just be a fun summer read if you want them to be.

The Hollows Series has great characters that come alive as you read them, wonderful plot lines, humor that will have you laughing out loud, and lots of great adventures. It just doesn't get much better than this.

This is another of my top five favorite series.

Series Rating: 10


There is a short story about Ivy and Kisten in this anthology. If you are a fan of the Hollows Series, you should read Dates from Hell. It helps explain some of the choices made in the series.

If you are a fan of Kelley Armstrong, there is also a short story showing you how two of her main characters first met. And it gives you some serious background about those characters as well.

* Dead Witch Walking (April 2004)
* The Good, The Bad, And The Undead (January 2005)
* Every Which Way But Dead (June 2005)
* A Fistful of Charms (June 2006)
* For a Few Demons More (March 2007)
* The Outlaw Demon Wails (February 2008)
* White Witch, Black Curse (February 2009)

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