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Monday, October 20, 2008

Dark Elves series by Jet Mykles

These books are listed as being BDSM, but other than one scene in the first book, they really aren't. I'll list them as erotica, but I won't list them as BDSM.

As erotica, they are nice. I personally have this thing where only consensual sex, and more specifically, consensual BDSM, is a turn-on for me. So this series didn't do a lot for me in that regard.

The basic idea is that the elves are a race of males and they must abduct women and put a change spell on them that turns them into elves so that the women can get pregnant. It's the only way the dark elves can survive as a race. As you can see, there is a good bit that is not consensual in this series.

To give the book credit, once the women have been there and fallen in love they want to stay, but when they first arrive they aren't happy about it. If that whole capture fantasy thing is your kink then this should be right up your alley. Seriously.

The books are enjoyable as a whole, and the one BDSM scene is hot. It involves a woman agreeing to be tied to a whipping post and bullwhipped. There are screams and tears and orgasms and it just doesn't get much better than that. But, it's one scene that lasts for a few paragraphs. Not really enough to call it a BDSM book, much less a BDSM series.

Besides the one true BDSM scene, the books also have: lots of capture type scenes, lots of vanilla sex, a few ménage scenes, two scenes where someone loses their virginity, a decent amount of bondage that doesn't fall into BDSM since it's of dubious consent (and BDSM is by definition consensual, without consent it's abuse and/or rape), a good bit of romance, some very rough rape scenes (both man and woman being raped repeatedly for days), and a HEA for so many couples I lost count.

I liked the characters, I liked the world building, and I liked most of the plot. Even if the sex didn't do it for me personally, it was still a nice series.

1. Taken Book Rating: 7 of 10
2. Salvation Book Rating: 7 of 10

Series Rating: 7 of 10
Heat Rating: 1 of 5 (for me, but would probably be 5 of 5 for someone with the capture fantasy thing going for them, or for someone who enjoys mostly normal vanilla sex)

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