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Friday, October 17, 2008

Mosaic Moon (Book 3 of The Master Chronicles) by Jamie Craig

The third book in this series did not disappoint.

The crime part of the plot in this one is okay, maybe not as good as the plots in other books, but that's okay. There was enough other stuff going on that it's not that important.

Here is the blurb for the book:
Emma Coolidge is accustomed to isolation. Born with the ability to read emotions, Emma reached adulthood without learning how to control her special gift, leading to a life of self-imposed seclusion. Until she meets Gideon Keel and Jesse Madding, a vampire fighting for good and his human lover. Both men befriend her and introduce her to people who can help her create a normal life for herself. Everything is great for Emma for the first time in her life--except for one small problem. She longs to be part of Jesse and Gideon's lives, and their darker games involving bondage and sadism, but believes her desire can be nothing but a private fantasy.

Gideon adores Jesse and wants nothing more than to give him everything he wants. When Gideon realizes Jesse wants Emma, as well, he decides to invite Emma into their games. But a disturbing new crime distracts Gideon from his goal. Jesse and Gideon are forced to investigate a string of grave desecrations that are somehow siphoning power from the most powerful mage in Chicago. They must unravel the mystery of who is stealing Black John's power, why, and how to reverse it before they can devote their time and energy to their mutual desire for a third in their bed.

One of the reasons I enjoy books in a series is that you often get a longer drawn out plot on top of the plots within each book. Plots within plots, and lots to think about. We don't so much have that in this series by the time we reach the third book, but that's okay. Because the other reason I enjoy books in a series is that you get to watch people grow and learn and change. In this book, we see growth and change. And it's a good thing.

We see Jesse and Gideon's relationship growing even more, and we see how they've managed to make hardcore BDSM work into a relationship without it being 24/7. They've gotten comfortable with the transition from equal partner to Master/slave and then back again. And we get it affirmed that no safeword is needed, all Jesse has to do is say "we need to talk" in the midst of a scene and Gideon is instantly saying "okay".

And we get to see Emma grow into her abilities, so she controls them instead of them controlling her.

Heat level: 5 of 5
Book Rating: 9 of 10
Series Rating: 7 of 10 (after reading first five books)

1. Master of Obsidian
2. Unveiled
3. Mosaic Moon
4. Seduction in Black and White
5. Chaos and Communion
6. Dominion
7. A Renaissance In Blood

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