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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Killer Insight (Psychic Eye Mysteries, Book 4) by Victoria Laurie

In the fourth book in the series we don't have to deal too much with what bothered me so much in the last book - immature handling of a relationship by both Abby and Dutch. But that is because in this book they break up at the beginning and then Abby goes to Denver. Hard for them to bicker if Dutch isn't in much of the book.

I think I've realized that the author wants us to experience what it is like to know part of what is going to happen but not have the details we need in order to have the whole story. I'm sure that's how psychics feel when they see bits and pieces of the future but not enough to know for sure what will actually happen, just pieces of what will happen. I think she does a great job of throwing us off balance with this in this book. I actually didn't like it very much, it made the book more stressful, and harder to enjoy since I wanted to get to the part she kept telling us about to see how that worked out. But, I think that was the point, so I'm not really complaining.

As I said earlier, this book has Abby going to Denver, so we get a nice change of scenery and secondary characters for this book (though her sister is still around, and she talks to Dave on the phone since he's taking care of Eggy).

Abby's childhood friend is getting married and Abby is going to be part of the wedding party. She spends a week in Denver and almost as soon as she arrives the murder mystery starts. Her friend's brother is now (conveniently) the sheriff, and since he grew up with her he already trusts in Abby's psychic abilities, which is also pretty convenient since he believes her from the very beginning.

Speaking of which, I enjoyed hearing a bit more about Abby's childhood. We hear that when she was a child and someone lied she would chant out loud to them "liar liar, pants on fire", which makes sense since that is what she hears in their head when someone lies.

But even with a few lighthearted moments thrown in, this is a very stressful book, mostly because of the foreshadowing, but also because of the events that happen. It is not a light read. The ending is especially rough, and once again I stayed up later than I'd originally planned so I could find out what happened. (I actually have to set an alarm when I'm reading, otherwise I just keep reading until I either finish, get bored, or have to use the bathroom really bad. When my alarm went off last night there were only about 45 pages left, so I opted to keep reading.)

One final note, since I complained about how the sex was handled in the previous book: Abby has a fling while she is broken up with Dutch, and the sex is handled much, much, much better than it was handled in the previous book. No graphic details, but enough so we get an idea of how things start and how things end and that it was good in between.

This book gets a 7 out of 10, and I'll give the series the same.

Book Rating 7 of 10
Series Rating 7 of 10

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