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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Master Of Obsidian (Book 1 of The Master Chronicles) by Jamie Craig

Gideon is a vampire who was once widely known for his blood-thirst and violence but who now spends his time protecting humans and killing vampires who kill for sport. Like he once did. Gideon has sort of a PI agency set up, and he works for people who pay him, also.

Gideon has an assistant named Jesse. Well, a partner, really, though he started out as an assistant. Jesse is a human who knows how to research obscure subjects and who has a basic knowledge of magic. And who can fight and kill vampires too, when necessary.

The first book is about a drug that affects vampires, known as Obsidian. It is absorbed through the skin and makes vampires lose their inhibitions. It makes them act on their desires without having the willpower or reasoning to keep from doing it. As it turns out, it works out well when Gideon unknowingly gets a dose, because it finally makes Gideon kiss and do... other things... with Jesse. At this point Gideon considers Jesse his best friend and partner and doesn't want to mess that up with sex, so he hasn't. Until he gets some Obsidian in his system.

Once the two of them get together the relationship is one of partners. Except when sex is involved, and then it's a pretty rough BDSM relationship. When they are in their D/s roles there are no safewords, and there isn't much mercy given. There is a lot of pain, and blood. This is a vampire Master, after all. But, perhaps saying there are no safewords isn't entirely accurate. If Gideon sensed anything but desire and want from Jesse then he would back off, so with Gideon's vampire senses in this case safewords probably aren't needed. I usually cringe when there are no safewords, but since Gideon continues on as long as he knows Jesse is enjoying it, and since he'll know the second Jesse isn't enjoying it and doesn't need to be told, it's easier to be okay with the no safeword thing.

The relationship has a foundation of friendship, and the men have built on that and now love each other. Or, I guess, man and vampire love each other. At any rate, I appreciate the relationship, especially the fact that they remain partners and friends and the D/s relationship doesn't extend to all parts of their relationship.

Just about everyone on the planet is afraid of Gideon, except Jesse. He stands up to him and fights for equality in their relationship when they are working. He doesn't let Gideon get away with being bossy or being a jerk, he calls him on it and demands better. He can do that, because he knows Gideon will never hurt him. Or rather, will never hurt him outside of their BDSM relationship.

I loved this book. The vampire parts, the relationship parts, the romance parts, the BDSM parts, and even the plot. 

Heat level: 5 of 5
Book Rating: 10 of 10
Series Rating: 7 of 10 (after reading first five books)

1. Master of Obsidian
2. Unveiled
3. Mosaic Moon
4. Seduction in Black and White
5. Chaos and Communion
6. Dominion
7. A Renaissance In Blood

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