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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Betrayal in Death (In Death, Book 12) by JD Robb


Betrayal in Death gives us a professional killer, more information about Roarke's death, and a mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat until the end.

Anyone who has read my reviews knows that I'm fascinated by the idea of an assassin -- Anita Blake's friend Edward, Kitty Norville's friend Cormac, Gin Blanco, Nadia Stafford. Something about the mindset just sets my mind to spinning. But those assassins have something of a code of honor, and the assassin Eve is after does not appear to be anything but a killer for hire with no code or morals as to who he hits or why. Still, the added bit of her trying to take down a pro, having to snaggle with the FBI, being supported by her commanding officers -- the author is doing a good job of not making each book "same thing different book".

She also found another quite plausible way to draw Roarke into the investigation. I actually figured out why he was drawn into things from the very start, which was a bit frustrating as it took he and Eve so long to figure it out. But, that was okay, I thoroughly enjoyed following the events through to their conclusion.

Here's the blurb:

Lieutenant Eve Dallas investigates a homicide on familiar ground—her husband’s hotel. There, she finds herself up against a murderer with a passion for the finer things in life—and death.

As for the writing elements:
  • The plot was a very good one.
  • Pacing was most okay.
  • Prose and dialogue were excellent.
  • Character development was once again added to, giving us more glimpses of Roarke.
  • World-building was consistent with previous books.
 Betrayal in Death is easily a 10 of 10 for me. If I average out the books in this series, they will probably come to a series rating of 10 of 10. But I'm leaving the series at a 9 of 10 for several reasons. The first is that this technically is not my genre, and when compared to the books I consider a 10 of 10, doesn't measure up. That's not the fault of the author, as this is an exceptionally well written series, it's just that, for me, this is a 9 of 10.  The second reason is that there is a bit of a lack of story archs - threads running through multiple books to help tie them all together. I mean, sure - we're being fed bits and pieces of both Eve and Roarke's past, but the series is still, in some ways, a collection of books involving the same character and world, and not tied together as tightly as I usually prefer. Which means that, for me -- the series will remain a 9 of 10 for now.
    • Book Rating: Betrayal in Death: 10 of 10
    • Series Rating: 9 of 10

    1. Naked in Death
    2. Glory in Death
    3. Immortal in Death
    4. Rapture in Death
    5. Ceremony in Death
    6. Vengeance in Death
    7. Holiday in Death
    7.5  Midnight in Death
    8. Conspiracy in Death
    9. Loyalty in Death
    10.Witness in Death
    11. Judgment in Death
    12. Betrayal in Death
    12.5 Interlude In Death
    13. Seduction in Death
    14. Reunion in Death
    15. Purity in Death
    16. Portrait in Death
    17. Imitation in Death
    17.5 Remember When
    18. Divided in Death
    19. Visions in Death
    20. Survivor in Death
    21. Origin in Death
    22. Memory in Death
    23. Born in Death
    24. Innocent in Death
    25. Creation in Death
    26. Strangers in Death
    27. Salvation in Death
    28. Promises in Death
    29. Kindred in Death
    30. Fantasy in Death
    31. Indulgence in Death
    32. Treachery in Death
    33. New York to Dallas

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