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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Imitation in Death (In Death, Book 17) by JD Robb


Imitation In Death pulls in more of our world, the history of our world, into the futuristic one of Eve Dallas. Having our history as a root in her world helps to make it more real.

I enjoyed the murder mystery this time, and I love watching Eve and Roarke together. I like the way Eve is evolving, and I am enjoying watching her realize she has friends, and what those friends mean to her. And she to them.

Here's the blurb:

The summer of 2059 is drawing to a sweaty close when a killer makes his debut with the slashing and mutilation of a prostitute. He leaves behind a note addressed to Lieutenant Eve Dallas, commending her work and inviting her to participate in his game. Now Eve is on the trail of a serial killer who knows as much about the history of murder as she does—and he’s paying homage to some of history’s most vicious, and infamous, killers.

As for the writing elements:
  • The plot was nicely done.
  • Pacing was fine.
  • Prose and dialogue were excellent.
  • Character development is once again moved forward, which is nice in a series of this length.
  • World-building was consistent with other books, and was built upon by adding more of our history.
  • Book Rating: Imitation in Death: 10 of 10
  • Series Rating: 9 of 10

1. Naked in Death
2. Glory in Death
3. Immortal in Death
4. Rapture in Death
5. Ceremony in Death
6. Vengeance in Death
7. Holiday in Death
7.5  Midnight in Death
8. Conspiracy in Death
9. Loyalty in Death
10.Witness in Death
11. Judgment in Death
12. Betrayal in Death
12.5 Interlude In Death
13. Seduction in Death
14. Reunion in Death
15. Purity in Death
16. Portrait in Death
17. Imitation In Death
17.5 Remember When
18. Divided in Death
19. Visions in Death
20. Survivor in Death
21. Origin in Death
22. Memory in Death
23. Born in Death
24. Innocent in Death
25. Creation in Death
26. Strangers in Death
27. Salvation in Death
28. Promises in Death
29. Kindred in Death
30. Fantasy in Death
31. Indulgence in Death
32. Treachery in Death
33. New York to Dallas

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